What We Can Offer

PPP Consultancy

PMGLOBAL provides a wide range of areas assuring profound expertise in negotiations with relevant parties of PPP enterprise, due diligence and...

Program Management

PMGLOBAL involves in providing a structured and integrated Program Management Outlook that creates consistency, efficiency and lowers...

SPV Management

PMGLOBAL promotes full range of corporate services that embraces state-to-art management principles, procedures, tools and techniques...

Quantity Surveying

PMGLOBAL involves in the structuring of procurement management policies and procedures by mapping Procurement Management Plan for...

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Project Management

PMGLOBAL provides a wide-ranging service packages in the field of construction-based project management consultancy tailored ...

Quality Control

PMGLOBAL offers to sustain monitoring and inspecting the project progress as it develops throughout the duration of the project by providing a particular...

Transition Management

Transition Team dedicated by PMGLOBAL works on Transition Management Plan specifically tailored for the project, executes a formal...

HSE Management

PMGLOBAL promotes to address the cost-effective resolutions for the projects in terms of health and safety setups by identifying and evaluating...


Delivered Large-Scale Projects

Nakheel Developments
Palm Jumeirah Shoreline Residences
Al Oud ( Al Badrah) Residences
IMG_1109 ghana 3
Ghana TEMA 500 MT Flour Mill Complex
Abu Dhabi 400 MT Flour Mill Complex
Angelica – Magnolia – Celestica Residences
Syria 600 MT x 4 nos Flour Mill Renovations
128 awaspi DSC020991
Awa Spi Earth-Fill Dam Project

Business Approach Fundamentals - From Idea To Realization

PMGLOBAL consultants takes the idea and begin to realize to providing engineering-related services by creating a particular business-case for any particular project within focused marketplaces in terms of management consultancy services in overall, and development, design, supervision, execution, operation and maintenance, technology and expertise specific consultancies, and make recommendations to public, companies, firms and industries. From idea to realization, the most important step is consulting, so PMGLOBAL engineers analyse every aspect of the feasibility diligence of which the targeted project requires and would present with the rationale possible solution for the actual needs.

Planning is the heart of project development and the process of thinking about to organizing the activities required to achieve a desired satisfaction. And, it reflects to a discipline for stating how to complete a project within a certain timeframe, usually with defined stages, and with designated resources. Setting project objectives, identifying deliverables, mapping the schedule and making required supporting plans are the main components of planning. PMGLOBAL engineers are the best on nothing but smart-planning of the project structure in all dimensions and for dissimilar scenarios since it is undoubted that well-planned configurations even having recovery plans for any risk realization never get down.

PMGLOBAL commences a project by kicking-off a comprehensive Mobilisation Plan for a good set-up and for an excellent start-up in order to initiate project work and believes that the best set-up in start, the most possible to end up with success. The resource allocation part of the plan provides that the required staffing are identified and assigned, and financing, equipment and other facilities are available on site in time. PMGLOBAL engineers create Project Charter during this stage by understanding the real site conditions to describe key roles and responsibilities of key stakeholders involved in and committed to the project, and elaborate administrative and technical details to be utilized after the mobilization.

Project Execution is the most active step in the project life cycle in which the physical project deliverables are to be completed and handed-over. And, it is usually the longest phase wherein the project stakeholders are more effective and the project risks are more on stage. PMGLOBAL engineers create a range of management processes under the master project management plan to monitor and control the implementations on the project site.  These processes help to manage time, cost, quality, change, risks and other issues like to manage procurement, customer acceptance and communications. The successful execution provides well-built deliverables as per the predefined design criteria within the budget and with no delay.

Transition period begins with the time in which construction works for the premises were done and ready to commissioning and ends with the dead-line of the specific period defined for the post-delivery stage where all systems and processes are accepted in motion as required for the desired level of operations. Transition Team dedicated by PMGLOBAL works on Transition Management Plan specifically tailored for the project, executes a formal hand-off to the steady state Management Office of the operations by applying TMP rigorously and confirms that the service operations are stable by measuring and reporting Service performances as per given Service Level Agreements.

The main goal of project management is to obtain Stakeholder Acceptance of the project result. This acceptance brings that the stakeholder agrees that the quality specifications of the project design criteria were met within allocated budget and on dedicated time. In order to make this go smoothly, PMGLOBAL engineers create Close-Out process for the safe delivery and successful hand-over for which the stakeholder and project manager must have a well-documented criteria of performance in place from the beginning of the project. This process drives the final activities to assess the project, ensure completion, and derive any lessons learned and best practices to be applied to future projects.

PMGLOBAL experts create Operations and Maintenance Management Plan in which a range of management processes are available to make sure the service deliveries and care models are effective and efficient. And it also comprises that the specific outcomes are attained, departments within the facilities are running smoothly, the right people are in the right positions, customers know what is expected of them, each and every resource is used efficiently and all departments are working towards a common goal which is customer/ client satisfaction. Also, they follow alongside Medical Technology and new Servicing Formulas to develop and implement strategies to fuel cost-effective and more beneficial solutions.